Sparks: An Event Service Company…
The term, “Full Production Company”, can actually encompass many different things in the entertainment industry.  Many of our first time clients seem to always wonder what exactly it is that we can offer them. So here it is…

Event Management

Event Management is a broad term and can come into play at any stage of event planning.  At Sparks, we can be with you every step of the way from venue selection, to artist booking and meeting rider specifications, to day-of-event coordination.  With our network of industry professionals we are able to assist in any aspect of your event.  In short, we are a complete event services company.

Lighting Design

Lighting design is one of our favorite areas because of how much it can truly transform a space!  Using everything from a simple christmas tree light to a computerized moving head fixture we are able to design the lighting to match your event theme and space.  Check out our portfolio for some of our past events!

Sound Systems

Sound is an amazing thing! Not to get all philosophical, but what else can be invisible and still be felt?! Using industry standard brands such as JBL, Crown, and QSC, we are able to provide the organ rumbling sound you are looking for.  And if we are unable to provide personally, we know who can!

DJ Services

What else is there to explain?! We know how to get the party started!! But in all seriousness, the fact that majority of our staff have been employed as DJ’s has been a great benefit. We tend to always carry a set of DJ equipment with us to events just in case there is a need to buy some time in between performer’s sets or if a band doesn’t show up on time!


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